About Personal loan

A personal loan to fulfill your personal needs. This is the formula you need! We offer you a personal loan based solely on your ability to repay the loan.

Make yourself a little closer to achieving your dreams by making use of our personal loans and meet your financial needs at interesting interest rates.

The personal loan can help you cover unforeseen expenses such as marriage expenses, school or college fees, dream vacations, home renovation projects or even purchases of durable consumer goods. Applying for a personal loan is much easier, quicker and convenient with Leader Finance.

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Medical Emergency

UNICE Finance offers you a personal loan for your unexpected medical emergency. Get an instant personal loan for all your emergency medical expenses.

For a wedding

You can manage your wedding day with our personal loan option. Have a wedding party of your dreams. Ask now for a personal loan for wedding purposes.

Traveling abroad

Obtain funding for expenses incurred on a personal or business trip. Choose a personal loan from UNICE Finance to make your trip abroad.

Education for Children

We provide a loan for children. Important to continue the education of your children. We have the right tools for every potential child. No more worries, The personal loan of UNICE Finance is the solution to your problem ...

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